Slumbercare Ultra Support Firm King Mattress


Ultra Firm Pocket® Spring with Edge Care Comfort

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The Premium Support supports your mattress on all four sides with its Ultra Firm Pocket® Spring, and provides a wide sleeping surface with Full HD mattress comfort. Award winning Adaptive™ technology offers personalized thermal comfort with superior humidity control. In the exact same environment, women may feel cold while men may feel hot. Intelligent material & design award winning AdaptiveTM Technology mimics the actions of a smart air conditioner by distributing the humidity 67% more and evaporating it at a 25% faster rate. In other words, the AdaptiveTM technology offers personalized sleeping temperature.

Ultra Firm Pocket® Spring with Edge Care Comfort

Ultra Firm Pocket® Spring is the heaviest single gauge wire in the industry, this spring allows for maximum support along with Edge Care® Comfort Plus offering maximum minimal partner disturbance

Heavy Duty pocket spring with 15 year warranty, Double sided, high density foams and wool in comfort layers

Made in WA

Health guard treated

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For you and your partner, For yourself


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